As you scroll through listing photos on your search for a new house, you probably find yourself thinking about all the ways you’d make that house your home: noting the reading nook that’d be perfect for your favorite cozy chair, planning the great barbecues you could throw in the sunny backyard or imagining ripping up that old carpeting to finally get the hardwood floors of your dreams.

Now, your imagination has a new partner: The Home Depot and have teamed up to create the Flooring Forecaster tool, which makes it easy to find the floors that speak to you—so you don’t have to simply imagine undertaking those flooring projects, you can start planning your project right from a real estate listing (and right on this article!).

Give it a try! Head over to the right side of your screen in the News & Insights Home Improvement section and look for the Flooring Forecaster tool. You’ll be able to choose a room you’d like to renovate and browse your options for the flooring designs and finishes that match your style and needs. Plus, you’ll get recommendations for tools you can rent from The Home Depot or Home Services professionals to take your project across the finish line.

And later, as you’re searching through listings on to find your perfect place, look out for The Home Depot’s logo. When you spot it, click to launch the Flooring Forecaster—and start getting excited about stepping over the threshold onto new floors on move-in day. Take note of the square footage calculation as you interact with the tool too—the Flooring Forecaster is fine-tuned for the home you’re looking at, so you’ll be able to quickly get an idea of how much product you’ll need for your project and how it fits into your overall reno budget.

Maybe you’ve always wanted bright, bold tile in a fun bathroom, or known your kitchen floors need to be durable enough to hold up against muddy paws or toddler chefs. Maybe you have absolutely no idea what you’re looking for and could use some expert help to figure out what would work best in your new space. No matter your needs, The Home Depot, and the Flooring Forecaster are here to help put you on the path toward flooring-project success.

The best part of the Flooring Forecaster? It makes it possible to completely plan your flooring project before you move. Some design decisions—like finding the perfect artwork or starting your garden—are easier to think about once you’ve settled in. But by installing new floors before move-in day, you can avoid having to move furniture twice or find temporary shelter during the installation.

When it comes time to execute your flooring project, you can easily plug the square footage for your project into one of The Home Depot’s project calculators. Then the app can let you know what materials are in stock at the store near you and help you rent the tools necessary for your job. Finally, schedule deliveries straight to your door and check out step-by-step videos to walk you through each part of the process.

And if you’d rather not make floors a DIY job, The Home Depot can still be your go-to partner. Along with offering you the latest designs and materials, The Home Depot’s Home Services can connect you to trusted professionals in your area who have seen it all—from herringbone-patterned hardwood to the most intricate tile patterns and everything in between.

Ready to get started? Let’s go! With a few clicks, you can turn a house for sale into a home for you, starting from the ground up.

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