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By Creative Studio As you scroll through listing photos on your search for a new house, you probably find yourself thinking about all the ways you’d make that house your home: noting the reading nook that’d be perfect for your favorite cozy chair, planning the great barbecues you could throw in the sunny backyard or […]

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By Erica Sweeney   May 3, 2021 EnvelopeFacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest Refinancing the mortgage on your home can be a smart way to save money. After all, interest rates on home loans change over time, so you might find a better deal today. Not sure where to start? Try plugging your current loan details into a mortgage calculator or a refinance calculator to find out […]

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The 1440 Rule In his book 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, Kevin Kruse provides a toolkit for changing the way people approach the limited number of hours in a day. One of these time management techniques is the “1440 Rule.” The rule’s simple: recognize that there are only 1440 minutes in every […]

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